Few important thoughts about those potential killers – Christo Pavlov

A message from Christo Pavlov – Director gerente de la Orquesta Metropolitana de Sofía, “Philharmonia Bulgarica” y flauta solista de Orquesta Nacional de la Radio y televisión Búlgara (source: LinkedIn)

Few important thoughts about those potential killers:

1. Did anyone bureaucrat knows that the orchestra can be killed for just a few days but to create it you need dozens of years?

2. If you kill the orchestra what will be the answer when few years later those young people who are now in the youth orchestra for example ask “why we don’t have here orchestra but people in the town of … have 2 of them”?

3. If world wars didn’t kill the orchestras don’t we have now worst rulers than even the dictators in times past?

4. If there’s financial deficit why the hell there aren’t responsible for it managers? Put them in the court! If some business temporary is running bad nobody try to close it immediately or to fire the workers… just hire new management with personal contracts including responsibility about the financial statement of the orchestra… it will work for sure in the first year!

5. Take the Radio, TV & newspapers and make free educational concert (after tomorrow for example). Let the reporters to ask the kids if they want this to happen again! Give the answers to your stupid rulers in front of the auditory of those medias!

ASK THEM ALL THIS QUESTION! Let them answer publicly!

I’m sure there’s something which can be done to preserve the orchestra…but more ideas I don’t have because I don’t know the situation in details…

No one of us (the musicians over the world) see the long and nice future for itself but mainly it’s not our fault. It’s because the people in the politic today are not enough educated. But we were always part of their election and most likely we didn’t give our best to preserve our self of their presence…

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